Card Reading for Week of November 22, 2020

The Magician, reversed; Seven of Rods; Nine of Pentacles

The Magician, as we have mentioned before, represents the ability to unify our talents and get our act together; reversed, he may indicate indecision, insecurity, or delay—There’s something big going on, and we may doubt we are up to the task. Never fear, our next card is the Seven of Rods, out there kickin’ butt, takin’ names, and generally overcoming all obstacles in his path. I’m always glad to see this guy. Our final card is the Nine of Pentacles, depicting a lady and her feathered friend in a beautiful garden. This card represents safety, security, and material well-being, as well as a love and respect for nature. It’s going to be all right. We’re going to get through this together.

Hugs, Angela

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