Card Reading for Week of December 13, 2021

Five of Cups, Four of Swords, Page of Pentacles

When I use this deck in my writing, Eddie refers to the Five of Cups as “the Pessimist.” The image shows someone focusing on three spilled cups in front of them, ignoring two standing cups behind them. It has been a hard year, make that hard two years, for most of us, no lie. We have all suffered losses of some sort. This card reminds us that, even as we recognize and mourn the things that won’t be the same, there are still good things in our lives, and we will eventually be able to focus on them.

The Four of Swords depicts a quiet tomb, but it does not represent literal death. Instead, this card represents rest, withdrawal, or seclusion, especially the kind of quiet and rest that is needed during an illness. For myself, I pushed myself very hard a couple weekends ago and ended up having a very bad reaction to my chemotherapy. I was forced to spend most of last week in bed, which is why you didn’t hear from me—though I was happy to hear from a few of you who have just gotten print copies of my latest book. Hope you are enjoying it. But don’t be like me—don’t push too hard, or worry too much about asking folk to wait for or make accommodations for you. You need what you need. I’m going to be trying to balance work and rest better this week.

Our last card is one of my favorites. To me, the Page of Pentacles represents either Lee in my novels, or my daughter Liz in my life. The Page is a hard working little go-getter. Just remember that our busy young bees need balance and rest, too, and don’t push them too hard. Maybe get them some take-out.

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