Card Reading for Week of December 20, 2021

At last! The Solstice is upon us, with a promise of longer days and more light. With that in mind, I did something a little less random and more intentional when pulling cards. After cleansing and cutting the deck (and OK, I admit it, removing a dog hair. Toby and I are very close), I searched for the Sun, as I felt this should be the focus of the week. I then pulled the cards on either side of the Sun to give us this week’s mini-spread:

The Seven of Pentacles, the Sun, and, returning from last week, the Four of Swords.

The Seven of Pentacles indicates success, wealth, or money—but that it’s going to come after a lot of hard work. The Four of Swords again reminds us that sometimes rest is the best medicine. Considering the news of new COVID variations I’ve been hearing, it might not be a bad time to crawl back into our blanket forts. At least it seems we’ll have some money coming in to pay the rent.

Enjoy the Solstice, enjoy the returning Sun, enjoy the winter holidays with your family and/or friends. And maybe get flu and COVID boosters if your doctor feels it’s medically advisable. I might not see you folks in January (I’ll probably be in my blanket fort), but I hope to be able to travel and see ya’ll again (well, those on the East Coast) sometime in 2022.

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