Card Reading for the Week of December 27, 2021:

Knight of Cups, Reversed; Knight of Swords; Death

Our central card this week, the Knight of Swords, practically leapt off the deck as I was smudging it (and in case anyone wonders if my “smudging” is bad for my lungs, I use a humidifier with essential oils given to me by my sister who also has breathing issues). Not surprising—this is a card representing decisive action. As we begin a new year, we all need to decide what needs to be done to live our best lives (hint—it’s probably more along the lines of “try and figure out a practical budget/career plan/way to distance ourselves from toxic people” than “try and look like an Instagram model”).

The cards I pulled to flank it, the Reversed Knight of Cups and Death, complete a message that we are moving into a time of great change, and we need to think with our heads (represented by the Suit of Swords, allied to the Element of Air) and not with our hearts (represented by the Suit of Cups, allied to the element of Water).

Again, take care, stay safe, stay healthy, and love one another.

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