Card Reading for Week of January 3, 2022

King of Pentacles, Reversed; Six of Rods, Reversed; Two of Swords

Our first reading of the New Year is one that advises us to “wait and see”. The King of Pentacles, ruler of financial affairs, is reversed. This can indicate betrayal in money matters—or just that it’s not a good time to spend anything one can avoid spending. The Six of Rods Reversed represents delay. The Two of Swords, the only upright card this week, is a card of balance, stillness, and harmony. Again, the message is “wait, be patient, let the world work itself out.”

I won’t be going anywhere or doing much for a while, for both financial and health reasons. I will be able to reach out on-line, and I want to thank all my friends and followers that make it possible for me to spend so much time at home and still not feel isolated. I believe we will see overall improvements later this year. We just need to be patient a little longer.

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