Card Reading for the Week of January 10, 2022

Queen of Cups, Reversed; Five of Swords; Four of Pentacles

I apologize to my followers if this week’s reading is hitting very close to my home: The Queen of Cups is a mother figure, the Five of Swords represents defeat, and the Four of Pentacles indicates poverty. In my life, I’m not well this week, I’m feeling beat-down, and of course I’m broke and the bills are due. Wheeeee.

More generally, the suit of Cups is associated with health and healing—a reversed Court Cup reflects the uncertainty we are all feeling, I’m sure, as we roll into another year of COVID. The Five of Swords—pretty sure we are most of us feeling robbed/defeated, and just generally like the Universe has stolen our weapons, our cloaks, and our pants and left us in the breeze. The Four of Pentacles? Well, unless you are one of the economic Royalty of this era, you are probably not rolling in cash. Does anyone actually roll in cash? Like have a Scrooge McDuck money pile and swim in it? I rather doubt it, but I’m still convinced that some of the folks I see on TV building deluxe vacation treehouses or enormous salt-water aquaria in their homes could find something a bit more public-minded to do with their money. Oh, well. Envy is an ugly sin. Really. Looks like a caterpillar. Ewwwww!

*tries to focus in spite of all the drugs I’m on, none of which are “fun” ones* Hang in there, my friends. Our local con has postponed itself until March, in the hopes that COVID cases will be down and guests and fans will feel safe to come. Let us hope that Spring will bring us better times.

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