Card reading for the Week of January 31, 2022:

The Devil, Judgement, and the Emperor

Oh boy, what an intersting week. The Devil card represents the things in the material world that hold us back, from simple bad habits to addictions. Judgement reminds us that we are all equal: we are born, we live, we die, all as part of one creation. The Emperor represents worldly authority, the “powers that be” on earth.

So what does this all mean? On one side we have personal limitations and flaws, as represented by the Devil card, and on the other the political, economic, and social limitations represented by the Emperor. In the center, we see Judgement, the equalizer of all souls. What matters in our lives isn’t anything huge or historic, it isn’t money or fame—it is how we overcome our inner and outer limitations to express kindness and mercy to the other souls journeying along with us. Love and peace to you all, Angela

P.S. The “devil” I struggle with most is procrastinating, in addition to simple poor health. I am endeavoring to overcome my devils, great and small, and work on more writing. My hope is to complete a couple new books in the next year if possible—the Fifth Edward Red Mage mystery (still unfinished, but getting there), and a steampunk fantasy I wrote for my kids when they were little.

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