Card Reading for Week of March 7, 2022: Wheel of Fortune; Knight of Pentacles, Reversed; Page of Cups, Reversed

The Wheel of Fortune represents the never-ending cycles of life, as well as change. The Knight of Pentacles and the Page of Cups usually represent people, helpful and supportive in either material (Pentacles) or emotional (Cups) ways.

However, this week we see these helpers reversed, which indicates the folks we may be depending on (including ourselves!) are distracted, careless, or just plain unproductive at the moment. No surprise—the world is in turmoil (reference Wheel of Fortune), and changes are coming too quickly to adjust to easily. Be kind to yourself and those around you. Pray for peace.

Love, Angela

(one brief note regarding my writing—I have completed a short side project, which means I’m coming back to work on Book Five in the Edward Red Mage series. Right now, the draft is about 4/5 done.)

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