Card Reading for Week of March 14, 2022:

Knight of Rods, Reversed; Two of Swords; The World, Reversed

I can hear the drinking song they’re singing:

The World Turn’d Upside Down!”

Sorry, folks, but with teen kids going to an arts magnet school, I can’t help but occasionally break out into Hamilton. Still, maybe those lyrics can remind us that change isn’t always bad.

Because right now, things are not looking good. I don’t need to tell anyone why The World is reversed—the global situation is grim. The Knight of Rods, usually a symbol of travel or adventure, is reversed, representing discord, quarrelling, and unexpected change.

In the center, however, we see the Two of Swords, a figure of balance and harmony. She is blindfolded, a reminder that Justice itself is said to be blind, and will, all good folks willing, prevail. Pray for Peace,

Love, Angela

*Brief note regarding the Edward Red Mage novels. As I continue to work on Book Five, I discovered last week that someone (or someones) had ordered multiple print copies of my other work directly from Ingram Spark (print company). I just want to say THANK YOU! Because although it wasn’t a huge sum of money, it did help pay a bill.

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