Card Reading for Week of April 25, 2022

The Hermit, Queen of Pentacles, Queen of Swords

The Hermit seems pretty on-point to me, as my family has been on COVID lockdown for ten days. We’re fine now, though, and ready to come out into the world again—carefully, and still masked and carrying hand sanitizer. I have used some of the time stuck at home to work on “procraftinated” projects, and some to read good books over again. Society tries to push us to keep “doing” all the time, but the Hermit reminds us that sometimes it’s best to just stop and think. Then we have our Queens: the soft, fluffy Pentacle Queen, representing fertility, nature, and the material side of life, and the hard-assed Sword Queen, who represents “cutting through” emotional bullshit to get to the intellectual truth. Be both. Balance both: the emotional and the intellectual. Slay, my Queens. (and to my masculine friends, maybe this is a sign to call your mom?)

Card Reading for Week of April 18, 2022

Six of Swords; Four of Swords, Reversed; Wheel of Fortune, Reversed

Ok, friends, my week is starting back-asswards, just like these cards, so I’m reading right-to-left. The Wheel of Fortune reversed means bad luck or other unfortunate setbacks. The Four of Swords usually indicates stillness or rest, but reversed it can mean cautious advancement. The Six of Swords represents a journey. I’m going to recommend our journeys be virtual for a while. Cautious and careful progress is in store this week. Reach out on line with some virtual hugs, ‘cause we will need them.

Card Reading for Week of April 4, 2022

Eight of Pentacles, Ace of Cups, Ten of Rods

A quick but positive reading for this week: the Eight of Pentacles represents apprenticeship in the arts, craftsmanship, and personal effort, while the Ten of Rods can symbolize the end of effort in sight. In between them is the Ace of Cups, which represents successful relationships and positive outcomes. So now is a good time to work on our creative projects—I know I have dozens of them!

Card Reading for Week of March 28, 2022

Six of Swords; the High Priestess, Reversed; the Empress

Welcome back to another kitchen-table card reading! Spring is here in Virginia, in spite of the questionable temperatures wreaking havoc on some of my plants (rosemary, lavender, and mints are indestructible, praise the goddesses). The Six of Swords indicates the beginning of a journey, either literal or metaphoric. It is time to move again! The next two cards juxtapose two female archetypes: the High Priestess represents the solitary thinker or the cloistered guardian of secrets. She is reversed this week. The Empress, in contrast, represents the Divine Feminine in action, in community, in her role as mother, both literal and symbolic. Now is the time to move out into the world (in a mask, if needed), to nurture your family, of blood, of choice, or both, and to plant new seeds, real or symbolic.

Before I get back to work on my fifth Edward Red Mage novel, let me answer a question I got last weekend at MarsCon (love my MarsCon family!) regarding the fourth book (the one I released this winter). Digital copies for Kindle can be gotten from Amazon, but currently, print copies need to be ordered through a bookstore such as Barnes & Noble, who will place an order with the printing company.

Card Reading For Week of March 21, 2022:

Happy Spring! This is going to be a short “kitchen table” reading as I’m tired today, but I want to stay in touch:

The Magician, Reversed; Five of Rods, Reversed; Two of Cups

Still a topsy-turvy world we are in, with 2 out of three cards reversed. The Magician usually represents “getting’ stuff done,” but reversed, he means delay, indecision, or maybe making the wrong choices. The Five of Rods indicates conflict, and reversed it means the situation is especially complex. Finally, we see the Two of Cups, which indicates love, friendship, understanding and co-operation. This is the time to stay out of trouble by depending on our closest friends and loved ones, the folks we can trust.

Crawling back into my blanket fort,