Card Reading for Week of December 28, 2020

Seven of Swords, Reversed; Three of Swords; the Hanged Man, Reversed

The Seven of Swords signifies partial success; in its reversed position, it indicates questionable advice, arguments, or gossip which one must be cautious of. The Three of Hearts can represent delay and disappointment. It can also represent separation and sorrow. The Hanged Man is the card of transition, but also of being “suspended” between two states. In addition, it can represent a need for sacrifice—reversed, it suggests those sacrifices are not yet being made.

As we come to the end of what has unarguably been a terrible year for most people, we need to prepare ourselves for the hard work of rebuilding and change. Just turning a page on the calendar isn’t going to alter anything in and of itself. We cannot just hope for change; we need to be the change.

Love to you all, Angela

Card Reading for Week of December 21, 2020

Nine of Swords, reversed; Nine of Cups, reversed; Ten of Pentacles
The Nine of Swords is an emblem of loss and grief whether upright or inverted, a perfect representation of 2020 as a whole. In reverse position, it points to financial losses. The Nine of Cups, usually a positive card, can be an indicator of poor health when it is reversed. The only upright card this week, however, is the Ten of Pentacles, and this card can bring us hope. It symbolizes security, safety, and family.
The fact that I’m only posting my interpretation of these cards on Thursday is just another testament to how upside-down and miserable this year has been. Unless you are a vendor of hand sanitizer or toilet paper, you have probably seen serious financial losses this year. Even if you are fortunate enough to have been spared any cases of COVID-19 in your family or immediate circle, you likely know someone who has been affected or who has lost someone, and we have all been afflicted by the mental strain of shutdowns, quarantine, and, my personal least-favorite contemporary stressor, on-line school.
So much for the first two cards. The third card is how we are going to survive this: family. Not necessarily birth family, but the families we make of our supportive friends. I love you, and I pray that 2021 will see the growth of love, mercy, and kindness this world needs.
Blessed be (and for those who celebrate it, merry Christmas Eve! I’ll be at Midnight Mass tonight—Strega Nona would approve!), Angela

Card Reading for Week of November 23, 2020

Eight of Rods; Six of Swords, Reversed; The Heirophant, Reversed
The Suit of Rods corresponds to dawn, the sun, and the Element Fire. It’s an auspicious suit, associated with new beginnings. The Eight of Rods represents progress and movement; however, it can also indicate rushing or moving too quickly. The Six of Swords indicates a journey, but this week we see it upside down. Our final card, the Hierophant, which represents tradition or religious authority, is also reversed.
This week is not “normal.” Here in the US, many of us plan to celebrate Thanksgiving, but not the way we usually do. Many people are avoiding traveling or going out anywhere. That’s OK. Sometimes it can be a good thing to shake up tradition.
Stay safe, wash your hands, and again, enjoy your turkey, or ham, or curried vegetables (one of my sisters is vegan).