Card Reading for Week of November 11, 2019

Ace of Fire, Reversed. Knight of Earth. King of Fire.
The Ace of Fire, a card of success and completion, is seen reversed this week. This indicates the frustration of false starts and unmet goals. The court cards are often seen to represent people in one’s life. This week we see the Knight of Earth and the King of Fire, both of which represent mature, supportive individuals. The Knight of Earth is hard-working, reliable person, good at getting things done. The King of Fire is sympathetic and supportive, possibly a father figure.
If you’re having trouble meeting your goals this week, don’t be afraid to reach out for help from the people who care for you.

Cards for Week Beginning of October 22

1. The Fool: God’s own idiot, this card represents innocence and beginnings, as well as just plain having no idea what’s going on.
2. Two of Air, Reversed: This is the second week in a row this card has cropped up. Whatever issues were suspended before are still undecided.
3. Eight of Water, Reversed: Usually, this card indicates turning away from familiar patterns and relationships to seek wisdom in far places, but it’s reversed position indicates we might find our solutions closer to home.