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Just because I haven’t posted lately doesn’t mean I haven’t been busy. The fourth Edward Red Mage novel, Lord Cailean’s Tower, is now in the hands of my editor, Leona Wisoker. Once again, my Eddie will be out of his depth when he’s summoned to a convocation of wizards, most of whom are older and far more powerful than he is. One of them, at least, is also homicidal.

There is no firm date as to when the book will be ready for publication; I’m going to say “2019” and leave it at that. In the meantime, I have made purchasing and reading my previous books easier by providing folks with more places to find them. Because “Are you on Amazon?” is the third most FAQ I get from readers (right after “Will there be a sequel?” and “Will Eddie ever stop being such a putz?”), I now have my own author page on Amazon. There you can download digital copies or order a print on demand edition of all three Edward Red Mage books. I have also published the series through Draft2Digital, which means Book Three is now available online at Barnes and Noble and other digital venues. The books are also on Overdrive now, which means that public libraries can buy digital copies to loan. Ask your librarian if they offer e-books, and, if so, if they can get mine. Just ask politely, we work hard!
Books One and Two are still available digitally through Smashwords, as well as the free short story “Justice is Served.”

For those who like the personal touch of brick and mortar stores or convention dealers’ rooms, the Ingram Spark print editions (with the lovely full-color covers) of all three books can still be had at the Scribbling Lion table, year-round at Retro Daddio’s in Williamsburg, VA, or at select conventions along the East Coast.

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