Week of 3/11/19

Before diving into the cards, I’d like to mention that yes, I have been working on the fourth book in the Edward Red Mage series. The initial draft came back from the editor just dripping with red ink, so I spent several weeks making notes and outlines, preparing for a major overhaul of the rough draft. I’ve finally started working on the manuscript itself, revising most scenes and adding more scenes. Which means: more murder! More mayhem! More cats!

Now on to our cards for the week.

Six of Water, Page of Earth, Seven of Air, reversed
The Six of Water relates to family, children, childhood, and the nostalgia related to youth, a time when responsibilities are generally few. The Page of Earth represents a hard-working young person, and labor in general. The Seven of Air is the card I refer to as “the thief”; it represents loss, or something being taken. Reversed, it could indicate that the “loss” is intangible, like peace of mind lost to quarrelling or disagreements. It could also indicate that whatever has been taken is no great loss, or is meant to move on. Taken together, these cards seem to indicate a time of wishing for “the good old days” of youth or childhood, when life was easier and work not so hard; the reversed final card indicates that whatever is past really isn’t worth mourning over.
Of course, it could all just mean that I need to stop being so sad that my baby girl has grown up to be a practical young woman who doesn’t like wearing pink dresses any more (though that’s quite sad for a seamstress).

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