Card Reading for Week of October 28, 2019:

Ten of Earth, Three of Earth, the Hermit
Not surprisingly for the harvest season, the Three of Earth is back again this week, reminding us to keep working at our current projects, because the payoff will be soon. The Ten of Earth reinforces that message, with an additional focus on home and family as a source of support—and remember that “home” and “family” are what you choose to make them. Finally, the Hermit encourages us to spend time looking inward—rest and recharge if you need to, reflecting on lessons learned over the past year.
Speaking of “family,” I’d like to give a great big shout-out to the members of the local fan community, who have been an absolute rock to me and my husband as I deal with my current health issues. We spent last weekend at Hampton ComicCon representing MarsCon, the longest-running con in Tidewater, Virginia. This weekend, we’re going to be back at it for NekoCon, a local anime convention. We’ll be in the dealer’s room—just look for the big green Martians! I’d love a chance to talk to folks about local fandom, so stop on by!
And, since I mentioned I’ve been having health issues lately, I’d also like to state for the record: I Love Nurses. Bless you all for your hard work and dedication.
Peace, and hope to see folks at NekoCon.

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