Card Reading for Week of November 9, 2020

Six of Rods, reversed; Seven of Rods, reversed; Ten of Cups, reversed
Yeah, this. Everything upside-down again. The Six of Rods represents good news, a desired outlook coming as a result of effort. The Seven of Rods has a similar meaning, of obstacles and challenges overcome. Reversed, they both signify delay, doubt, and disappointment. The Ten of Cups is the sign of a happy family life and a good reputation. Reversed, it represents petty quarrels and loss of friendship.
At the risk of starting an all-out war in the comments section, I’m going to share something: My husband and I did not agree in the last election. He can’t understand how I can be so naïve and trusting. I’m trying to get my head around some of the things he’s telling me. We have lost friends—people who refuse to have anything to do with people who disagree with them, who assume that political disagreement means allegiance to the worst, lowest, most extreme positions of the opposing side.
But we love each other. I know my husband is the same person I married, and he knows the same about me. My one hope for the future of this nation is that the majority of the people will see past the posturing and the shouting, turn away from the ugliness and the name-calling, and find a way forward. Peace out,

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