Card Reading for Week of December 9, 2019:

Four of Water, the Pessimist, reversed; Eight of Fire; Three of Air
The Four of Water is the card of regret—the card of focusing on what was or is, rather than what might be. In its reversed position, however, it may indicate a new approach to matters, or a new opportunity. The Eight of Fire represents speed and movement—perhaps haste, or decisions made too quickly. The Three of Air is a card of heartbreak, of sorrow and separation.
We in the Northern Hemisphere are still moving in the dark, and the Three of Air represents this. In spite of the outward trappings of superficial, commercial, “Happy Holidays,” most of us are still torn between the joy the season brings us, and sadness as we remember those who are no longer here to share it. The reversed position of the Four of Water indicates that we will be able to move forward—but the Eight of Fire warns against moving too quickly, or making hasty decisions, especially in such an emotionally charged time of year. Take time to breathe, let yourself rest, and hold off any life-changing decisions until after the hectic holidays are over.

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