Card Reading for Week of May 11, 2020

Temperance, Justice, Queen of Cups:

Good morning! These might not be the cards we want to see during the Plague of 2020, but they are definitely the message we need to hear. The Angel of Temperance teaches and preaches moderation, restraint, and most of all, patience. As eager as we might be for a return to something approaching “normal” life, it is not yet the time for everybody to rush out in public, especially folks (like myself) with chronic health conditions. Justice symbolizes impartiality, fairness, and Natural Law. Germs don’t discriminate. Nor do they play favorites. They don’t care if you “believe” they are a threat to you or your loved ones. They just exist and multiply; that’s what they do. The Queen of Cups, with the suit of Cups corresponding to the Element of Water, to love, and to family relationships, represents loving and beloved mothers and mother-figures. Yesterday was Mother’s Day in the U.S. If you won’t stay in or wear a mask for yourself, please—do it for your mom. For all the moms.

Peace and Love, Angela

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