Card Reading for August 17, 2020:

Two of Cups, Page of Rods, Three of Swords
The Two of Cups, aligned with the element of water and thereby emotions and relationships, is the card of love, friendship, partners and marriages. The Page of Rods is a bringer of good news, a trusted friend, or emissary. The Three of Swords, on the other hand, symbolizes loss, sorrow, or separation.
I’m having a hard time not taking the cards very personally this week. Today is my parent’s wedding anniversary; they have been married for 57 years. Fifty. Seven. There may be no such thing as a perfect marriage, but theirs comes pretty close. So there’s the Two of Cups. But there’s also the Three of Swords; I know that I have to accept that they won’t always be with us. Sooner, rather than later, we will have to say goodbye.
In the middle is the Page, telling us of something new and wonderful. I saw this card come up, and immediately my thoughts went to my son. I’ve got a couple wonderful kids. My parents adore them (as grandparents should). Every generation has the promise of bringing something new and amazing with it. I know that right now the world seems back-asswards, with everything appearing to get worse, not better. But then I look at my children and other young people, and I see such amazing understanding, compassion, and acceptance in them. They are so much smarter and wiser than I was at that age. The future is going to be better—because they are better than we were. Which is really all I could ever ask for in a family.

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