Card Reading for the Week of August 31, 2020

King of Cups, reversed; Three of Rods, reversed; Four of Pentacles
Wow. Some weeks this column just writes itself. This week, we see, in order:
A shifty, dishonest “diva” personality
Assistance offered with ulterior motives/treachery
And the “Miser” card
Someone out there is trying to play you for their own financial benefit. Take everything with a large salt lick. Hopefully, this isn’t your first “Psycho Rodeo,” and you will see through all the cow manure and not get taken.
Oh, and I did record myself reading from my Edward Red Mage novel this past Friday; I need to edit the raw recordings before I post, and need professional help for that (and by “professional help” I mean “my 17-year old son who’s studied media production for 2 years in high school and is more capable than me”).

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