Card Reading for the Week of September 28, 2020

Four of Rods, Reversed; The High Priestess; Seven of Pentacles, Reversed
Another week with multiple reversed cards. The Four of Rods represents peace, tranquility, and enjoying the fruits of one’s labor. Reversed? Nope, not yet—our work isn’t complete. The Seven of Pentacles is also associated with hard work and its rewards. Reversed, it suggests impatience. See a pattern here?
The High Priestess, our central card for the week, is the card of feminine intuition. She represents wisdom, serenity, and foresight. On a personal note, the image portrayed in this deck (the Hanson-Roberts, my favorite for its lush and detailed illustrations) has always reminded me of a young “Saint” Carrie, Space Mum, patron of geeks battling mental disorders, and disruptor of the patriarchy.
We are all exhausted by 2020, and would really like to stop struggling. But the battles, whether personal ones known to each of us alone, or wide-ranging, such as the COVID-19 pandemic, aren’t won yet. The High Priestess assures us we can get through this. Take your meds. Hydrate. Get support from your friends. Live to flip off injustice another day.
*Since Halloween may very well be my favorite holiday, I’m going to be celebrating all October by posting more YouTube videos. This month, I’ll be reading a short Edward Red Mage novella, entitled “Snowblind,” previously published in installments on my blog.
Love to you all, Angela

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