Card Reading for Week of September 20th:

First of all, let me say that this week brings us both the Harvest Moon and the Autumn Equinox, so enjoy the beautiful moonlight and the change of seasons in whatever way seems fit. A cousin just sent me a new essential oil blend, and I think it smells like Pumpkin Spice . . . .

Three of Pentacles; Ten of Rods, Reversed; Justice, Reversed

Pentacles is the suit associated with the Element Earth and the incoming season of autumn, suggesting richness and harvest. The Three card in particular represents excellent work. The suit of Rods is associated with Summer, which is on its way out. The Ten of Rods represents stress and pressure to meet a goal, as well as possible difficulties or losses indicated by its reversed position. The Reversed Ten of Rods may also indicate that someone out there is trying to screw you over—what else is new? Couple that with Reversed Justice, and we end up with a message along the lines of “You keep bustin’ your butt, but don’t see much for it. Life isn’t fair.”

There are a couple ways to react to the fact that, no, life ain’t fair. You could become cranky and bitter about it. Or you could try and make life a little more fair for yourself and the people in your community. Stand up for yourself, love your friends and neighbors, take care of each other.

Love, Angela

P.S. Speaking of butt-busting, my long-suffering editor and I are still wrangling out the final issues before Lord Cailean’s Tower goes on-line/into print. Now, life being unfair as it is, I have been working for over four years to get this truly twisted mystery finished, while meanwhile Jimmy McJimsickle BestSeller (if you’re a librarian, you know) is spitting out two blockbusters a month courtesy of an army of ghostwriters. Such is life. I still think I’ve done a pretty good job on this one, though.

And is that a little Goblin Dog sleeping next to my desk? Why yes it is!

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