Card Reading for week of January 13th, 2020:

Queen of Air, reversed; the Devil; the Ace of Air:
I know I’m late in posting for this week; I’ve been caught up in work and preparations for MarsCon. And here come the very cards to tell me to relax and look at the big picture! The Queen of Air represents someone who has been bearing up under struggles and sorrow, but in reversed position, she warns of becoming bad-tempered, small-minded, petty, and judgmental. The Devil, with its two chained figures, is the card of bondage, both physical and emotional. The Ace of Air, however, is the card of determination, triumph, and success.
It’s said “the Devil is in the details.” Last year was a hard one, but we’ve made it through. If we can avoid focusing tunnel-vision on our problems and getting bogged down by minutiae, we’re going to see success.
Cultural comment: One man’s “devil” is another man’s “god,” and vice versa. The “Adversary” of the Judeo/Christian tradition is, when looked at Biblically, an angelic lawyer for the prosecution, tasked by God with testing the faith of the righteous. Western culture has, however, traditionally identified “the Devil” as any number of pagan nature deities, particularly the Greco/Roman Pan, personification of wild instinct. Hence the goat legs and horns. In the context of Tarot, the “Devil” figure in the card of that name represents the temptations of material life to draw one’s focus away from one’s more important goals, both physical and spiritual.

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