Card Reading for Week of April 27, 2020

The Empress, the Six of Swords, the Star (reversed)
The Empress represents the creative, nurturing power of the divine Feminine. The Six of Swords represents journeys, figurative as well as literal. The Star, my favorite of all cards in the Tarot, represents hope and the fulfilment of wishes; reversed, she indicates disappointment, disillusionment, and pessimism.
We are all on a journey, and we don’t know where we are headed. Last night I dreamt that I returned to a house where I used to live, but it was so changed I couldn’t recognize it. Uncertainty and disappointment seem to be everywhere. Plans have been cancelled, goals put off, and people are separated from their loved ones. Many people are out of work and worried about their families.
Consider the Empress: she represents mothers, most importantly Mother Earth, the parent of us all. As humanity pauses, the slow, renewing power of Nature has a chance to restore balance. As we return to whatever “normal” may be in the future, let us not forget the lessons this pause has taught us. As always, be kind, love one another. Blessed be.

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