Card Reading for Week of February 14, 2022

I’d like to begin by thanking my followers for their patience. The Week of February 7th was a post-chemo week, and I spent it ill and in bed for the most part, hence no reading. I am feeling better this week, and am back at work reading and writing,

Three of Rods, Reversed; The Lovers; Six of Pentacles, Reversed.

Today being Valentine’s Day, I decided to seek out The Lovers once I had smudged my deck, and see what the cards to either side might say.

The Three of Rods depicts someone watching ships returning from the sea. It tends to apply to business, and reversed, it implies caution. However, an alternative meaning for the reversed Three of Rods is that adversity is lessening. I see this as a sign of cautious optimism.

The Six of Pentacles shows a merchant measuring out coins to a pair of children. Typically, this is a card of prosperity and generosity; reversed, it warns against stinginess.

But what do these two reversed cards have to do with The Lovers, or love in general—aside from the obvious warning to never give money to someone you’ve met on the internet, no matter how much they claim to “love you.” Well, let us consider love. There are more types than just romantic or sexual love, for one thing. There is love between friends, love between family members, love between parents and children. There is the love that (gross out warning!) holds the bucket when you’re sick. There’s love that tones down the brutality of the D&D adventure to spare your tender feelings. There’s the love that makes space for an ugly pet in the bed. There’s love that uses weird stuff like chia seeds and margarine in baking out of respect for someone’s dietary concerns. There’s the love that shares the same funky taste in shopping excursions, or music, or memes. There’s the kind of love that has a conversation and can pick it up again two years later once COVID restrictions lift. So don’t be afraid to wait for love. Don’t be stingy with love. Love isn’t always two nekked people getting freaky—but sometimes it is. Don’t judge other’s love, and as always, be kind. Especially to yourself. Don’t let someone hurt you and try and call it love. Love one another. This is a crazy, crazy world—but I see a lot of love in it.

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