Card Reading for Week of February 21, 2022

Ace of Rods, Reversed; Eight of Cups; The High Priestess

Things are not going as planned. These days, it might not even seem possible to make plans. The Ace of Rods is the card of new beginnings, but here it’s upside down, indicating that things are stalling out or plans being abandoned. The Eight of Cups, which I know I’ve met before, represents a change in plans, or giving up the known (the stack of cups) for the unknown (the distant horizon). I cannot speak for everyone reading this, but I know that most of my plans for the last year have gone straight down the proverbial toilet.

And then we see the High Priestess. This card represents strength and stability through wisdom and knowledge. Sometimes one needs to abandon a plan because it just isn’t going to work out, or change to a new plan with a higher chance of success. Sometimes wisdom lies in knowing we can’t always plan, because the future, in the words of Jedi Master Yoda, “always in motion is.” (y’all know I’m a dweeb, right?).

Right now I’m only making short-term plans, and enjoying every good day I can get. I define “a good day” as one where I can spend time with the ones I love. I’m getting a lot of good days that way.

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